About Koreromai

We are visionaries .. we create .. we action …we lead… we do. We grew up with traditional career choices looking after our families and doing what was needed to be done to build a world safe for our children and our grandchildren and all those yet to be born.  However, our passion for improving the well being of the Maori economy has never left us. Our thinking is what will be good for Maori will be even better for all citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand.   In our formidable years, we are taking up the mantel to do that which runs deep in our veins and our hearts.   This forum is merely the beginning to share with other like minded people what our proposal is for the nation.  We may take you to some places you have never thought of going before, you may have your own thoughts on our proposal or you may just sit and watch this space.  Its entirely up to you how you engage, it is up to us to ensure you have the means to engage.

It is our hope that you start sharing this blog so others may join in the conversation.  As Dame Whina Cooper once said “You can never win anything unless you are there to do something”, well here we are and hope you are too.


Maki Maihi-Taniora & Anita Stowers





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