Maki & Anita heading 2

This is the sum result of what we are doing.  The Indigenous Tax™  is merely the enabler to allow initiatives to be resourced, and, only Maori can lead the way for this concept.  As Champions for Equality we will focus on ‘Equality opportunity where improvement is required for all citizens of Aotearoa New Zealand. We are champions for Equality.  Our inaugural presentation will be held at the University of Auckland, 17th April 2015



  1. Hey I haven’t got myself a website at all fine with my email Profile Address tell the purpose of History. ..create this can be OK but there are folk who Tahai Tikanga. ..This can be dangerous. ….Back in the 1918! Centruy Accured quite often (Mana
    Tahai Ae Tikanga Mohio. ..! O mauku Tuupuna Nea!
    Ae KoreroTia mauku Tuakana Maanga. ..!

    Na Christina Tanirau.

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