INCOME STATISTICS FOR NZ .. it’s not boring

Social cohesion and economic development, it’s like music to our ears.  we’ve found a new passion.  Statistics are great and all because we can tell OUR story depending on what we think you need to know. For example did you know the Median income for NZ is $600.  made up of wage and salary earners and those dependent on government money.  The Median income for wage and salary earners only  is $863.00.   BUT WAIT there’s another measurement for income as well,  Average Income based on private sector and public sector’s payroll divided by the number of employee’s .. what is the average wage for NZ $1079.  That’s 3 ways you can tell a story just about income.  Statisticians don’t survey what a live-able Median income is for the people of NZ. Why don’t you give us an idea and answer the question?


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