Just putting it out there.  You have a potential politician in the making.  Willow Jean-Prime is not a seasoned politician as her opponents, the guys from NZ First and National, who shall remain nameless and who have never ever shown any interest in the North for all their years in politics.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out their intentions are nothing less than dishonourable; they have no vested interest in the North except another seat in the house of parliament.  I believe Willow Jean-Prime will work for the people of Northland to the best of her ability and it will be an honest and Honorable attempt  to make a change.  While her opponents, especially the Prime Minister, spouting off that he will spend xxxamountof$$$$’s for 10 bridges to be upgraded.  His ignorance is superseding his arrogance right now.  Then you have the leader of NZ First claiming his rights as a true blue northerner.. please .. up today you have never ever put your tangatawhenua foot forward and now, when it suits you, you decide to put that hat on.

Take a look at Willow Jean; what does she have?  She has a passion for the North, she is well educated, she is fresh, she lives there and she, with her family, can work towards making a difference.  Northland, work with this lady and help her to achieve great things for our (yes our, because I am from the North) people and in turn, the whole of the Northland communities.




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