The introduction of the first, First People’s Tax™ initiative, to be known as an Indigenous Tax™ that creates a solid accumulative economic base that is founded on principles of Tino Rangatiratanga and Kotahitanga. Tino Rangatiratanga because this initiative is all about self-determination and total autonomy. Kotahitanga because this initiative’s foundation is also about unification…an initiative of ‘ONE PEOPLE’.


To levy international travelers on a foreign passport an Indigenous Tax™ at the points of entry to Aotearoa/New Zealand.


To raise capital on an annual basis to invest in people’s social and economic well being, Maori as a priority and others as communities of interest.


  • No cost to the taxpayer
  • New money into the economy
  • Crystalise Tino Rangatiratanga for others to gain an understanding
  • Kotahitanga, one people, will be demonstrated
  • Improving the Maori economic and social base will have direct economic benefits in the communities where they live and work, win-win for all
  • Enduring fiscal resource means enduring strategies – sustainability


  • Getting buy in from the heavy weights in decision making positions
  • Businesses may see this as a threat to their livelihood
  • General public may see this as ‘Maori’ getting another hand out
  • There are no politicians who will support the initiative, therefore, legislation vital to enable this to work would be the deal breaker


25 years we have waited to bring this to the table.  Someone asked me the other day “why are we doing it now”.

  1. Timing is right. We have Maori politicians firmly based in their own political parties and that of mainstream political parties.  We even have a Maori Roll. 25 years ago Maori were on the journey to stabilise a political base for all of us.
  2. After all these years Maori are still being researched, measured against economic indicators, funding being provided and there has been no significant improvement in closing the gap. Research shows that the gap between Maori and others has not improved, we are talking about education, health, housing, employment, income.  We do have to ask ourselves why?

I am sure we all have a theory.  We have based bringing this initiative to life because we do have a theory and we believe we have a solution.


  • Get as many people talking about this initiative
  • Organise meetings with Maori and non-Maori stakeholders
  • Identify and or create a non-government entity to administer the funds
  • Work with an Academic Institution to support our initiative
  • Identify and work with politicians who will support our initiative

If our attempts to honestly work with government and their agencies or other interested parties, do not ‘whet our appetite’, as a last resort, we will establish our own political party to be known as the Karanga™ Party, to drive this initiative at a political level.

As you can see there is much work to do, challenges to overcome; we think the benefits far outweigh the challenges.  We are committed to making it happen.

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