The ‘GAP’ between Maori & Non Maori…what does this mean?


Kia ora koutou.

Ko Maki Maihi-Taniora taku ingoa.

I am 54 years young and currently work (Resources Sector/Mining) and reside in Western Australia. I am of Ngapuhi & Ngati Wai descent and am very proud to have grown up in South Auckland, New Zealand.

I would like to take this opportunity in acknowledging Anita’s effort thus far, as it has been the action of her ‘blowing into the embers of the fire that has allowed the flame to burn bright again’…thank you Anita.

Prior to moving my family to Australia near on 9 years ago, I worked some 25 years in the New Zealand Public and Emergency Services Sector. This time included service with the Inland Revenue Department; the New Zealand Army; the New Zealand Police Department; the Ministry of Transport – Aviation Security Service; and the New Zealand Corrections Department.

I can say…’I have witnessed many of the disparities…

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