Today I read about the drought in Canterbury, South Island.  Devastating having no water to irrigate farms or crops because there is no water.  Crops will die, farmers will have to bring in feed for their cattle which is expensive and no real way out in a short space of time, no income.  What is shocking to learn is that some farmers have taken their lives, yes committed suicide because they couldn’t see a way out of it for them. So I read up about bankruptcy – do you know this is a legitimate way to clear all your debts.  We frown upon it because we think its the worse thing that can happen, well it isn’t, suicide is the worse thing that can happen.

Then it got me thinking.

Imagine if our natural resources were continually under threat, no amount of Maori social or economic development is going to help if that foundation is lost.  We are busy destroying our lands under the guise of social and economic development , mining, drilling, TTP,   Can someone put the brakes on please and let our resources recover so our future generations have their feet firmly planted to ensure there is something for them to look forward to.

Take care of our planet, take care of AotearoaNZ.  Investors need to stop bitching about the Resource Management Act it wasn’t created for your benefit.


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