Received these emails this morning, good to share and know what’s on everyone’s minds


So want our young ones to come out of school and know that somewhere out there they will be able to find a job and not be forced to just sit on the  dole  and be pulled into a never ending  downward spiral with no hope of climbing out There are so many things and we have to start somewhere so i would put my efforts into JOBS EDUCATION AND HEALTH “


“Congratulations Aunty for following your hearts desire. What I would like for my childrens future & myself is more emplyment & assurance our land will be here for my grandchildren.  Nga mihi korua, kia kaha”


“I think this is a wonderful initiative! Thank you”


“I would like to contribute or recommend some community initiatives that are already in place but only in specific communities. I would like to see community gardens and fruit orchards in schools, especially in low decile area schools compulsory… the benefits are huge for students, teachers and our communities”


“Tu meke! I’m here, tuned in, ears switched on! So keen to be part of something that will create positive change. Lord knows we need it! Arohanui xxxxxx”



  1. Thank you for your comments much appreciated!!! Do you know we have been screaming out for all those things you have all mentioned for years. If Governments stop behaving like big business and behave as they should, investing in people and sorry paying a benefit is not investing in people, nor is paying huge administration fee’s to government watchdog agencies an investment in people it’s an indictment on our human capital. By the way, 25 years on we are no better off we are worse. So encourage the korero because change is coming

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  2. Back to basics teach the children the importance of growing plants how to maintain them teach them To appreciate everything around them and help them To understand how the government works or the reasons why sometimes it doesn’t work and teach the government how to put the children first before a 27M dollar flag why again do we care about changing it .Help needy parents that are hardout working to survive by setting up incentives in workplace

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