25 years ago a bunch of us got together and listened to an idea from our cousin Maki Maihi-Taniora that would see an equal playing field for all, im talking the social and economic playing field.  It was too much for politicians of the day to even consider.. there were other political milestones for Maori to achieve.



  1. Ka mihi hari, mihi aroha ahau ki a koutou katoa.
    (Greetings to you all)

    I would like to take this opportunity in thanking my cousin Anita Stowers…for ‘blowing into the embers of the fire and re-igniting the flame’.

    To effect change we must have ‘people with a vision’ that push through all barriers and boundaries. I would like to acknowledge those that are pushing and those that have pushed. Tena koutou katoa.

    As we travel on this journey we extend an invitation to you all to give your thoughts and comments both positive and negative… remembering that this journey first began some 25 years ago.

    Thank you

    Maki Maihi-Taniora

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