To know where we are going, we have to know where we have been. History has now become the catalyst for great things ahead.  While our current Maori economic and social well being falls short of those economic ‘indicators’ which measure our ability to contribute to growth, GDP, it is researched we have low education rates, high unemployment rates, low income rates, high crime rates, high child abuse, high poverty, omg, the list goes on,these are indicators which places a burden on a country and continually need fixing.  But let me tell you this – this was no mistake – this was all be design i think they call them Social Engineers or something like that who weaved their way through.   I’m going to give you just one example of why I say this, you will have to research more for your own basket of knowledge.   New Zealand Settlements Act of 1863 (Te Ara) twenty eight (28) years after the Treaty of Waitangi was signed.  Don’t you wonder, how it wasn’t enough for them after 28 years of giving.  Research acts that were passed in 1835 and prior here in New Zealand.  You will be surprised.  It looks like when they (government of the day and others) couldn’t get their way they created laws to make Maori criminal.  If you have more examples korero mai (talk to us).


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